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I’ll be here all nite

I’ll be here all nite


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Last Night in Ferguson (10.21.14): A state senator was arrested (and mama may have been legally packing), one of the lead organizers, nettaaaaaaaa, was roughed up by police, and one of the main sources of footage/live feeds, Rebel Z, was detained in what seems to have been an intimidation and straight up harassment tactic. The police are out of control, and it’s only getting worse. If you think this is over, you need to look again. #staywoke #farfromover

Ferguson is still happening. Are you still paying attention?

Tune into Z’s UStream tonight to watch developments live. 

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Doomed to live the rest of my life as a bby faced alien 👽👽👽👽

Doomed to live the rest of my life as a bby faced alien 👽👽👽👽


cut up my old denim jacket and decorated it with my favourite pins from the giant bag i got from the thrift store for $3. fuck off shirt is from syndrome



『 海月姫 / Princess Jellyfish 』 (Film 2014)


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What to put in a sketchbook for beginners by Saskia Keultjes

Your sketchbook is a secret place

A sketchbook is very useful for everyone, especially for artists, students and kids. It boosts your creativity. To achieve that, use your sketchbook like a journal; make it a secret place. It’s very important to work freely inside it. Make sure you carry it everywhere.

Sketchbook supplies:

  • a sketchbook
  • something to draw
  • glue or stickers 
  • scissors
  • foldback clips, paper clips, staples
  • different kinds of other paper
  • sticky notes

How to start a new sketchbook:

  • start now
  • make a personal cover
  • don’t start at page one
  • destroy it’s beauty for example with a crappy drawing
  • or use the following tips

Some topics for your sketchbook:

  • ideas
  • thoughts
  • shopping list
  • feelings
  • phonenumbers
  • recipes
  • mood
  • photography
  • problems
  • to do lists
  • food
  • dates
  • watercolours <3

Things you can do in your sketchbook:

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